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Faithcraft’s debut motorcycle touring event ends up successfully last night. Thanks God, everything went smooth as planned. We’re going arrange this ride annually with new route and new excitement. Be ready this time folks. Don’t ever ask us; we ride under which banner? Can I ride my kaphai? All are welcome to ride with us as long as you got your machine runs for 100 or above KM per hour. No race or religion barrier. No ‘I’m the most kental rider shit attitude’ because I’m not. And I’m the organizer. I did this for the fuck of adventure. We love adventure, right?  So here are some of our frozen moments together. Come and join us next year!

Dealing with the ferocious gate keepers!
This is possibly the first rain after 2 month of extreme hot weather in Malaysia and Southern Thai. Needless to say, caffeine in A MUST for this turning weather meter.

Sepang >Kuala Muda>Kuala Perlis >Pakbara > Samila

Top of Wang Kelian, heaven for mountain bike lovers!
Caffiene time again.
Park Bara night market is about 500 meters from Bara Resort. You can try many traditional local seafood with an amazing drinks. The place located near to children playground and romantic sandy beaches.
Danny Trejo's cousin = Mad Duha
Dead grass on a playground. Two month without rain in Southern Thai!

Sticky rice with manggoes!
I have to admit, this is the first time I ate horseshoe crab. Damn expensive, 1600 baht for this ‘Predator mask’ and they also put Somtam on it as a ‘salad’. The eggs are tasty but it contained with high uric acid. So you better watch out! And you can also they fry some local herbal leaves with crispy flour for 10 bath. Funny-looking food but it is delicious.
Horseshoe crab with salad!
Don’t ever talk bad thing about Che Guevara in Thailand!
kids were having fun!

Walk the Strait of Malacca on Andaman sea. Yeah! Walk. The best way is through Diamond Beach Resort. Just prepare to run when you see the big waves are coming fast!! Hahaha!
I think I saw MH370?! guy... hey! guy!!!... hey!!
Gateway to Andaman Sea once ruled by Malacca Sultanate.
Dining at Andaman Seafood Restaurant
Breakfast at Pak Bara Pier. Nasi Kuning with chrysanthemum tea ( If you’re familiar with nasi ganja in Kangar, it’s origin was from Thai)
Welcome to Songkhla Zoo
Free map
Don’t worry most of the sign boards in the Zoo also written in Malay…. Erm! Using Google translation. Hehehe!
Apart from you can ride your bike or drive your car in the zoo. They just let the deer roamed freely. And you can also freely catch and BBQ ‘em! Hahaha! Kidding!
Do.. a deer a female deer. Re, a drop of golden sun. Me, a name I call myself. Far, a long long way to ride!
At the Water Park. We were unlucky because an adult pool wasn’t ready yet. Children day out!
To Koyo island by ferry.
Ah! Samila Beach.. I know why it’s a bitch!!! I saw that guy fondling that mermaid boobs!
You can see from here, 4 armadas on the South China Sea. Maybe they are still trying to locate our MH370?
We ate our BBQ cow’s tongue lunch near Khuanlang Mosque. Moslem exotic food area.

Floating market in Klong Hae. The best way to get fat and get a girlfriends. Malaysians love this place, I don’t know why? Maybe the river had some spell over them.

Look how their school girls dress up? We hardly see girl like this in Malaysia anymore. A quality of faith!
It was a wooden bridge back then. And now the business is good and the bridge is good!
I say again! Don't say bullshit about Che Guevara in Thailand!
Charity works without any religion whatsoever differences! Good job!

Visiting Kai, the boss of New With Tag Shop in Greeway Market.

Jamak and Qasar time. Meeting the nice man, Mr Abu Hurairah from Krabi.
Hell of great invention. Water pump!
First timers in Ban Dannok. Mun said he felt horny already!

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