Thursday, February 11, 2010

EMPHERIS “ Regain Heaven”- POLAND

It’s seem I got everything from Empheris, and the guy who fronted this band also followed eveything that I do. Mr. Adrian also an editor of R’Lyeh zine and also a vocalist for Thrash band, HELLISH. Back to Empheris, it just an okay products when listening to Empheris back then. It just typical Black Metal with ‘Satan-is-my-master’ concept that is going on and on. But this cd is something else. Shit! It surprised me! I was like I’m spining it all day long when I got this cd. Everything unbelieveable! I like all the tracks and everything in it. It smells old, necro, powerful and lots of headbang compositions. There is some Thrash riffs yet collide with Scadinavian Black Metal sound. It really reminds me old LORD BELIAL.Well, this is what our Malaysian kids to know, you don’t have to bet super-fucking-killer musician to do good music. The secret is, eventhrough your music is simple, it has to be strong, it has to be good in arrangement and it has to be smart in sound productions. The rest leave it to Satan....
Adrian, P.O Box 20, 02 919 Warsaw 76, Poland

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