Monday, August 18, 2014


I almost forgot how incredible this album was. I never get the chance to review this masterpiece album since I started doing my zine in 1996. And by that period, DARKTHRONE already known as black metal masters after they dropped off their death metal style which they said trendy and fashion. The kingdom of evil Norsk black metal was at their prime age. The most extreme music culture ever born and breed in the name of Satan.

Back in time and to these day, this is considered the most technical or the most sophisticated album ever recorded by Fenriz and co. Although these days DAKTHRONE are proud to call themselves as the cavemen whom played crust metal punk, we always knew they were amongst the best musicians ever in Norway.

“Soulside Journey” was recorded in 1990 during the glorious days of Tampa, death metal era. The brutality of this album might be as murderous as NOCTURNUS, MORBID ANGEL, ATHEIST or DEICIDE but to me DARKTHRONE had some strange and doomy atmosphere probably came from their mighty inspirations; CELTIC FROST. Another band come close with this style is the Dutchmen, ASPHYX.

Ok, if you kids still think idiots from Nu Metal like AVENGED SEVENFOLD, STATIC-X, GODSMACK, SLIPNOT did something amazing or killer. You should get this album and be banged.

Extra: I also remember asking Batara Guru (now known as Dr. Ben) in one interview for Kemenyan Fanzine back in 1997 (maybe) who is the drummer you wish to play in LANGSUIR debut album? He replied - one of them was Fenriz (Soulside Journey album).

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