Wednesday, February 10, 2010

HEREAFTER “Terrorstrial” mcd ( self-released) - MALAYSIA

Well, the kids love this band. This is a hope for Malaysian Thrash metal scene, I do agree with it in some points. Hereafter has greatly improved in songwritting after their previous demos. And the vocals also changed into more raw and harsh style which is good. I’m always happy to hear this kindda music but what make me angry was the productions. How many times sould I tell you Redza, you need to throw away your amp and get a new one! Or izzit really that you never care about sound productions? But why did the guitars sound so thin and dry. And some mistakes could be heard here and there. Come on lazy ass!! This could be great release and fast turn into classic hits if you pay more attention in mixing process. There is a song called “Sampah” in this cd which they sang in Malay, damn! Why it always has to be like this when doing Malay-lyriced Thrash Metal? Why don’t they explore those astral or sci-fic they’re focusing on 1st demo? I guess, it a big challenge then to be original and fresh. Anyway, fan of local Thrash metal movement should be happy when Redza formed this band as his motherband, DEVASTATOR no longer active when their frontman moved back to his hometown, Kangar. I do like dirty and raw sound, but for Hereafter. Please do it properly!

Redza Rosli, P.O.Box 8841, Pejabat Pos Kelana Jaya, 46799 Kelana Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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