Tuesday, February 2, 2010


It has been a while I haven’t recieved anything ‘evil’ from the outside due to everything posted to my address will be seized by the authority as the result of black metal issues over here. Anyway, this January 2010 I got plenty of nice packages in my box from Poland, Italy and USA.

Let me tell you about this package I got from PARAGON RECORDS today. If you notice, Paragon has been in the underground since for 10 years now. Probably the best and most active label come from Long Island. They has released and distributed tons of great metal stuffs and has been loyal to the underground ethic and attitude ever since.

M, the owner of Paragon Records also played in various bands, and the newer ones is Dimentianon and Sectioned. So, let’s talk about music..

SECTIONED “ Elme promo” cdSectioned was founded in 2006, played old school Death Metal the American way. These New Yorkers composed some powerful arrangement and the slashing guitar solos and riffs really reminds me the old good Death, Obituary, Cancer and Monstrosity. Nothing much I can’t complaint in Sectioned as all the members had brutal musical background ( Embracing Carpathian Mourning, Symphonic Eulogy, Frost, Road 26, HIV, Remorse), so they surely knew what they’re doing. Their debut album “Purulent Reality” should be out by the time you read this. Don’t miss it. They are heavy, blastful, wicked and make you smile pervertly...

DIMENTIANON “Live promo” cd This is fucking brutal band existed since 2002. Throughout the year, they played with many monsters bands such as Arch Enemy, Enslaved, Hate Eternal, Kreator, Dying Fetus and more. So musically they’re tigh musicians either in live set or in the studio. This cd contains 5 tracks taken from their show in August 2007 at Club Europa opening for Obituary, Merauder and Incantation. I had a great time listening to this cd, it’s warm, organic and psychotic. Judging it was a live recording, some riffs might lost in havoc but it is still a good recording to me. Dimentianon combines Black/Death and Doom metal into one and they’re doing it successfully. Just can’t wait to hear their full length release real soon...

M is giving me these 2 cds to be spread over here, so I’m giving away these cds for free to just write to me. There is 10 cds left. Priority for Faithcraft Productions customers. Or contact:

Paragon Records, PO Box 879, Middle Island, NY 11953, USA

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