Tuesday, March 8, 2011

NALVAGE “Worship Dehumanization” ( Dead Center Prod) - ITALY

I got this magnificent Black/Death metal release from Wings Of Death Productions whom also a partner in producing this masterpiece together with Dead Center Productions from Ukraine. The recording of this mcd was done at Nero Sound Studio in Naples, Italy which is the birth place of Nalvage. Suprisingly, just after finished with the recording their vocalist, Tilberis (from Doom Metal band, EMBRACE MY RUIN) left the band. For those who never heard of Nalvage, they have been around for 9 years now. The band known for their brutal showmanship and has conquered everything on their way. I am blown away with this cd! The riffs are technical, super fast and brutal. To me, Nalvage is the best newcomer from Italian metal scene. You might think I’m kidding, but can you imagine the brutality of CANNIBAL CORPSE, BEHEMOTH, IMMOLATION blend with cold melodies of IMMORTAL and DARK FUNERAL! Must be crazy, right? But this is what you get when you spin “Worship Dehumanization”. Lyrically, the band explored most on pathological and anti-human themes. Get this cd before it’s too late! A force to be reckons!

Antonio Affinito, via Emilia 41, 80011 Acerra (NA), Italy

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