Wednesday, June 22, 2011

HIRAX “The New Age Of Terror” (Black Devil Records) – USA

Hirax finally rocks my world! I remember listening to their old materials in Redza’s house (Hereafter frontman) few years ago. We felt so strange with Katon’s vocals which cause us great pain in the stomach laughing to it. I’m sorry, man. Anyway, Hirax was a damned serious underdog band, they has been around as old and heavy as Sacred Reich, Anthrax, Sadus, Hellwitch and Liege Lord. The band never changed their attitude and getting stronger day by day. This cd was released in collaboration between Metal Zone Distro (Kedah, Malaysia) and Black Devil Records (USA) and was recorded by Michael Rozon. For those who don't know, this is not the first time Hirax deals with their Malaysian brigade. Muzik Box Productions (Johor, Malaysia) was the first label to re-issuing their old materials in cassettes format few years ago. And in 2009, Hirax was rumored will do their debut appearance in KL Music Fest which will unite international and local acts from various genres –underground or mainstream. But it never comes true. 

This cd contained with 11 good tracks I didn’t know which one is the greatest? I like all of the tracks, the recording is good, smart riffs, punching double paddles, massive basslines, angry vocals. This cd will lasts long in my player and I’m proudly to say, I FUCKING LOVE THIS BAND. Get this from Metal Zone:

Metal Zone Distro, No. 24 Jln Peremba, Taman Samudera, 05050 Alor Setar, Kedah
Tel: +60175258101
Black Devil Records, PO BOX 1474, Crypress, CA 90630, USA

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