Thursday, July 28, 2011


These Swedish retro-rockers cause stir around the globe when they released this album. Every stoners and mad hard rockers praised it as the best Swedish album of the 2011 while from progressive rock & roll side of fan called them as Sweden’s Led Zeppelin. I agreed with both and couldn’t lie to you all that I’m addicted to their infectious grooves and killer vocals. The recording sounded analogue but I don’t know what magic exactly being used here to produce such déjà vu music. Just look at their cover artwork, damn! It looked magnificent and totally classic. A limited 500 copies of 7" picture vinyl with unreleased track "Granny and Davis" also being pressed for die-hard fans!

Everyone could play unholy black metal today, but to write something like this need more than a corpse paint or a mutton soup. Believe me, witches played this cd to summon Lucifer from the underworld… 666 stars!

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