Saturday, October 29, 2011

EMPHERIS / CRYPTIC RITES “Netherworld Emissions” (Psycho) –POLAND

Adrian, the editor of R’lyeh zine and Witch Kult newspaper gave me this. Well, I knew Empheris right from the very start, so I appreciate this so much. I love their new sound since their “A Tribute To Black Desire” cd. They’re thrashers with strong black metal aura. They recorded 2 cover songs- Corpsegrinder (DEATH) and Hans Siste Vinter (DARKTHRONE) and also re-recorded their “Blood Wraith” song with a double speed. Hell, I love their version of Hans Siste Vinte which sounded so cold, wicked and haunting.

Cryptic  Rites is death metal machine with the most wicked and powerful djin called Ifryt on vocal. Hell, I’m surprised with his stage name, actually. Hehe! The band also recorded their tracks in KPD studio, Warsaw, the same studio used by Empheris. So the result was a real blast. I enjoyed all of the 5 tracks including an everybody’s favorite cover song – Remember The Fallen.

Contact: PSYCHO, Robert Legowik, P.O BOX 61, 09-400 Plock 1, Poland

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