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This year is considered as the most metallic year in Malaysia’s history. We never have so many blackened metal bands blessed to enter our country like 2013. Even METALLICA was so welcomed in the parliament! The list followed by LAMB OF GOD, MALEVOLENT and many many more waiting in the line. To me, and some other freaks. We go for death metal. We cheer the coming of DISGORGE (USA) to KL as part of their Infinite Torture in Asia Tour although DISGORGE have played in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia in support of their fifth album “Parallels of Infinite Torture”(2005).

As for your info, there are 9 bands under the name DISGORGE around the globe. I guess, only two were popular or at least I’m familiar with. This one, and another one is DISGORGE from Mexico. And that one is very bad motherfaka, some magazines even reviewed them as one of the fastest/heaviest grind death metal band in the world.

Well, talking about Mexican DISGORGE, the baddest and ugliest fucks. I'm

glad, I’ve seen them too. Both, Exxxecutioner (drummer) and Edgar Garcia (guitar) was recording and touring members of IMPIETY for “Paramount Evil” album. So, I got the chance to see them at Music Garage, My Friend Station KL in 9th January 2005. That place was a western foods restaurant with a garage made of zinc without any air-condition. It was Hell! Maybe that was the last gig organized by Psychic Scream Entertainment? Wasn’t it?

This American DISGORGE from San Diego, California born in 1992 with 5 albums on their belts, and got disbanned in 2006. But they finally teamed up with Ricky Myers (founder) and reformed the band.

On May 7, 2013, DISGORGE announced a new deal with Extreme Management Group Inc, and a new touring and recording line up comprising Ricky Myers, Diego Soria, Angel Ochoa, Ed Talorda, and Diego Sanchez.

We, (me and Chainsore of WRECKÄR) planned for rock express journey (just take us only 22 hours!) to Disgorge Infinite Torture In Asia Tour 2013 with several guys whom didn’t show up with lame excuse. So, this guy Hafiz whom we found on the street just bumped into the car, giving some money for fuel, and we’re set to go.

We move at dawn. Drive straight to KL for 5 hours without rest and reached KL at 1 pm. After pay a visit to Uncle metal shop at Campbell Complex, checking-out some sold out Faithcraft products in there. We had lunch at Uncle Win in Pertama Complex. Killer curry noodles!

Faiz - rindu spagetti Itali

Well, from Jalan Duta roundabout Masumi of GORESLUT leads us to Publika. An awesome metropolitan area. The residential of elite town folks who shit, flirt, jog, jump, fuck, breed, shoppings, gossiping and dying for money and fame. I thought, Warp Discotheque at Jalan Bukit Bintang was a prestigious venue for Black/Death metal gig before. But hey! This venue rocks, tons of hot chicks here. I meant at the outside.

When we arrived, SICK SOCIETY was on stage. With Khalid from SCENT OF CARNAGE on the drums kit, they blast without mercy, cheering-up Indonesian crowds and officially start off the party! We visited Zul and Jill at Deadbeat booth, Valist booth and Nyalamataminda booth, get some patches and INFECTIOUS MAGGOTS special edition t-shirt. Nice one!

Then FARASU got on the stage. I have been waiting to see them live again, as the last time I watched them play was in Nilai’s House of Necromania in 2003. I’ve been told they progress tremendously?. From what I see, FARASU progressed in some aspects, they managed to polish their images, they found their band’s conception, they got some followers on their back, while some conflicts with the block from CROMOK cause some heat to their brand. Musically, I still think it is melodic death thrash by judging from this live set. And I have to agree with Masumi at this point that what FARASU is doing now is what we called as ‘Eastern metal’. Isn’t it?

We went to Indian restaurant on ground level, it is the only cheap restaurant they have here in Publika Solaris. It’s an all exclusive cafés on above level, you don’t wanna know. We spent our time with Faiz ATOMICDEATH sharing his wonderful experiences touring with ATOMICDEATH and APPARATUS across Europe last month. It was an absolute success! We’re happy and proud of you guys!

I got text from Hafiz saying INFECTIOUS MAGGOTS prepared for their set on stage. We get back to Black Box impatiently. FLESH DISGORGE just finished their set. Their monicker and bloody aprons give me a clue that they’re Goregrind band. Ok, Fathul as usual performs in his twisted clown persona. I guess, he get a little insane this time. Sometimes he keeps saying the same jokes over and over again. I wonder what’s he been thinking about? I think INFECTIOUS MAGGOTS lose it. Especially Lan Bye. Lack of practice maybe? I didn’t hear any bass too. Fathul using two microphones and his vocals was loud as hell. Funny thing is, he keeps complaining to the engineers that he doesn’t hear his voices. Haha! Masumi said to me, I.M is a bunch of old family man. That’s why they are out of tunes.

Well, I might say, that’s how Asian get old. We rarely take drug, alcohol or pork, but by reaching 40’s we ended up fat, lazy, slowmo, diabetic, and demented.

Hey! There is white box.. where white metal band dancing, maybe?

There are about 200 people attending this gig. And it would be lost and lonely if it not because of all crazy Indonesian metalheads. Thanks to them for keeping it wild! DISGORGE, LINKIN PARK, METALLICA are coming to KL at the same time. So what can you expect?! Anyhow, salute to the organizers for their courage and faith in Brutal Death Metal scene.

Disgorge soundcheck - Angel on my back

Angel facebooking some shots!

The show stopped for 1 hours allowing DISGORGE to set their equipments and sound. I have the chance to talk a little to Angel Ochoa, but they seemed so busy and serious in their work. I have to respect that. We leave for a Surau nearby. Fathul and other Muslim metalheads are there perfoming Magrib prayer. The surau is a very very small room, we have to take turn to perfom solah. Who am I to complain?

Publika Solaris is a place of beauty queens and milfs. Haha! Black Box located next to lovely coffee shops and bars that seduce you and make you forget how to headbang. Hahaha! But that just not our kindda place.

Masayo disturbing my shot!!

Crowds and Disgorge menangis terharu dan bermaaf-maafan di akhir persembahan. Hehe!

We get back to Black Box upon DISGORGE on the stage. They blast with mayhem and brutal showmanship for almost 2 hours. The drumming is superb with turbo engine. Eventhough they’re performing with one guitar. They delivered well. Angel’s voices sound like it is doubled layer. I wonder if it was a sound FX? You can hear pig shriek and growling hydra at the same time. Thanks to Indonesia crowds again for making this happening. They mosh, dive, and bang like there is no tomorrow. I am happy for them. As for us, we watched at the center point near the mixer and control panel. From there, I have to admit that DISGORGE is one amazing brutal death/grind band. They have to continue!! They must carry on.

Well, we don’t regret that we’re not joining those Indonesian metalhead at circle of death pit. We have learnt from the past. Headbang like maniac and then you have to drive for 450km to get home and then go to work the next day. It gets you kills! Believe me, either you are dead on the road or at the office. It’s up to you! Hahahaha!

We arrived home at 5.00 and totally satisfied.

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