Tuesday, October 15, 2013


This is their 1996 album which I just got from Paragon Records. To me, ROOT album “Book” was highly original and forever kept in my jewel collections. ROOT recognized as one of the most powerful legends in Czech Republic metal history and their epic and structural music, sometime make me wonder about their status? ROOT would be easily become a rockstar if they come from Sweden or Finland!

Since DIO’s “Magika” album was published in year 2000, ROOT proved their genius and conceptual album about fictional race called Kärgeräs was far advance than the godly Dio himself. ““Kärgeräs” may not be as occult or as hellish as Root’s previous works. But any open minded people will agree with me that “Kärgeräs” is mystical, solid and impressive. Blackosh, the guitarist did perfect jobs here, strong riffs, mindblowing solos, acoustic passages and individual notes and sounds. So did Big Boss with his trademark vocals. It’s rocking, sometime ritual-like chanting, evil and dark whispers.

We possibly couldn’t understood anything back in 1996, but “Kärgeräs” still fresh, heavy as fuck, atmospherical tunes and unbelievable musicianship today.

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