Sunday, November 24, 2013


This band was formed in 1997 by the members of OPERA IX, SKOLL, TEUTA, DARKNESS and FORGOTTEN TOMB forging Scandinavian black metal exclusively. And this is band’s promotional copy which now was pressed unto digipak. This is one of the many other bands that feature members of OPERA IX. And all of them are shadows of OPERA IX’s incarnations. Who didn’t like Cadaveria (the singer), right? THE TRUE ENDLESS is a very good band with collaboration of old-time rockers and the sexiest line-up ever.

By the way, nothing is new here. If you enjoy Scandinavian black metal from SETHERIAL, SATYRICON, old IMMORTAL, you will fast digesting their music like yogurt. It is turbo-speed black metal with cold riffs, satanic screams, and thick-bass lines. I love the acoustic drums sounds!

Yes, they’re Italian and they can play metal as grim as the Vikings. Get this!

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