Tuesday, June 10, 2014


To be precise, this tape was produced by collaborations of Kimar Records, Bullwhip Records and Deathmutt Records. Something must be big here. Hahaha! SCOTT THRASHED actually is a duo of Shari, who handles all the riffs and Scott shouts his angry lyrics. All 15 tracks in this fucking tape was recorded, mixed and mastered in their home studio. I should say, they did a great job and some cool ideas exploding from their brains. Check out the titles like “The Formula that’s so Fully Damn”, “ Call Ambulance for Nothing”, “Don’t let the idiot get to you”, “Like what you like and if someone says something about it.. Fuck ‘em. THAT is Punk!!” (that is some fucking long and nasty song title, isn’t it?-Raimi).

For the first minutes listening, I might say, I am lost. My first thoughts was, ‘this is a piece of junk, drunken punks recorded their shits using drum programming and Catwalk home studio’. Then after few times spinning , I finally begins to get it in my system. To me, the only thrash metal side you can find (if there is any)in SCOTT THRASHED is their attitude. This far than old school, it is neo stuffs. This is grinding and noisecore. The vocalist, Scott morbidly screams the entire songs like pregnant rhino runs amok. While the guitar shreds and technically crafted with lotta finger works.

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