Monday, August 18, 2014


You will understand why this album was entitled as “Requiem” as soon as you hit the track “Requiem” which the best track in here, with no intention of saying the rest of the tracks went suck. Never!

This seventh studio album by BATHORY marked the return of Quorthon to black/thrash and roll after Quorthon put the band on hold to record his first solo album, while BATHORY before heading for Viking Metal.

The sound is thick and has the bottom end sound, a very underground black metal production. The distorted bass is loud and harsh just like the recent albums by VENOM. I liked Quorthon’s raw vocals and simple bloody lyrics as usual, even many said the vocals is worse and it was just in average thrash metal form.

Quorthon recorded this album at Montezuma Studio in June 1994 with the help of  Kothaar (bass), and Vvornth (drums).

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