Monday, September 29, 2014


The first version was released in CD by Urubuz Records in 2013, later being pressed in tape format by Malaysian HELLFORCED RECORDS this year. WHIPSTRIKER is a one man band fronted by Whipstriker (bass and vocals) himself, like Bon Jovi fronted Bon Jovi kindda scheme. Hahaha! But hey, Whipstriker interesting background will make you hunt for this tape like maniac. He was seen working with the mighty POWER FROM HELL, WARHAMMER, TOXIC HOLOCAUST, APOCALYPTIC RAID and many other bands before giving birth to WHIPSTIKER band in 2008. 

If you’re asking me, this is a great tape; Power pack of old skool design in cassette’s sleeves, 666 tons of thrashy riffs, the smell of alcohol, locomotive drumming mixed with Luciferic attitude. I ain’t sure if this is neo thrash metal, but this is wild. Catch the very strong VENOM and MOTORHEAD influences in all songs written in “Troopers of Mayhem”. Sometimes, they came close to the style of MIDNIGHT, INEPSY, WARFARE, BUNKER 66 or the legendary BULLDOZER. “Trooper of Mayhem” is their second album up to date, while their debut album “Crude Rock ‘n’ Roll’ was released in 2010.

Get this from Faithcraft Productions for RM16 (Pos Laju) and get thrashed.

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