Thursday, January 29, 2015

SETE STAR SEPT “Best Hit Collection 2004 – 2009” (NOISEMONGERS REC)– JAPAN

I was introduced to this SSS by some guy who posted their live video from Obscene Extreme Festival to WRECKÄR’s facebook timeline. Amazed with their shows, I start to look for their material, lucky me I have Muddy from the band DOSA, and owner of RAUNG RECORDS distributing this limited edition CD exclusively sold during their Asian Tour 2014. It’s a shame I missed the opportunity to watch them here in Malaysia since there were playing at 11 venue across the regions. Where did I have gone to? Argh!

SETE STAR SEPT consist of lovely couple, Kae (vocals and bass) and Kiyasu (drums) playing noisecore at the purest underground form. 30 tracks complied in this CD was previously released under various labels as split CD with various artists. Some tracks were recorded with good quality, while some other tracks sounded like it was mixed in garage or in the mill house. Good experimental piece I must say, I start to enjoy this CD from track 8 upward. I wonder, how and what FX Kae uses to make his bass sounded like distorted guitars. The riffs are heavy and turned to be like death/thrash when he did the fast picking. If no one tell you about this, you won’t be thinking this is madness are coming out from bass and drums alone.

Gets this simple pocket packaging CD with 2 informative inlay cards for only RM15. I hope they will come back to Malaysia for another tour this year.

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