Sunday, July 12, 2009


Well, I’m a lazy fucker when it comes to make a review about demos, albums, vinyls. But I’m being pushed by the label boss to give an opinion by sending me this free cd ( damn you Wan! haha). A copy of mine numbered 462/500 which means there is only a very few copies left on stock.

Before this, I’ve heard a rumours about how bad the quality of this cd is. Some even said it was only noise and humming in this cd. I laughed, as I’m familiar with Afterlife products, Wan Syamsul really had this true and dedicated underground attitude. He will release even the ugliest and terrible decibel if it’s satanic, dark and old. He really worship the old form of metal and loyal to his beliefs till today. It is good, but musician like me can’t afford to worship old band with shitty songwritting and bad taste in music. To hell with the age, it is the music that count to my ears....

In short. This is a good one. Simply worth to re-released on cd. From what I learned, VULGA was the first Black Metal band formed in Ipoh, Perak. But the downpoint here was, the tracks complied here was not actually from any Vulga official rehearsal or demo, but from the bands Massrohendt and Tears And Promise which consisted the line-up of Vulga. So I wonder why this cd was pressed under Vulga’s name?! While all the tracks in this cd previously been officially released as split demo between Massrohendt and Tears And Promise?

Back to this cd, all tracks was recorded in 1991/92 at Skala Studio, Ipoh with average sound productions like all Malaysian bands on those days. Heavily distorted vocals with hi-delay FX, wet guitar sounds, raging drums, filthy bass works, aren’t we all miss that sounds? You should expect Black Metal with a very primitive style in vein of old Samael, Venom, Celtic Frost, Rotting Christ ( this demo really reminds me Rotting Christ “Satanas Tedeum” demo ), old Morbid Angel ( maybe a strong inspirations to them, just listen to “A Winter Tears” instrumental which reminds me “ Desolate Ways” and their original demo cover is the same as Morbid Angel “Covenant” ). After hearing to all 9 tracks, I wonder why Vulga become such an obscure band as they played –what it is hits on those era? No! I never agreed they has played/created something so advance from the others. I didn’t mean they are not good, in fact they are very good comparing to other on those days in the early 90’s. And as for the good news, Vulga has been reformed with new members and I hope they could record something in the near future...

All in all, I must say that Vulga, Massrohendt and Tears & Promise could be sharing the same direction, which means their ‘satanic imagery’, but Mossrohendt is aggressive and sicker band compare to Tears & Promise which is a Rotting Christ-rip-off-band. But the main questions is, Vulga still remained mysterious to me? Anyway, this piece is a must to Black Metal worshippers. A jewel collection to rememberance of the glorious days of Malaysian black metal. Contact Afterlife Productions: 016-3789353

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