Wednesday, February 10, 2010

RED/FIRE/RAIN “Fire” ( Crossroad Recs ) – GERMANY

Arrghh! The German always good in this Power Metal fields. Musically, you can expect the good sounding, excellent musicianship, and killer productions Germans known for. No! No! This is not those German Power Metal with relentless double paddling with hi-pitch vocals from start til the end. No. Red/Fire/Rain briliantly mixed those notable and majestic keys, hard rock riffs, good vocals, striking drum and clever arrangement all in one. I had great time listening to this cd while relaxing on my favorite chair. They should be even better musicians these days ( they are old rockers anyway), since this cd was recorded in 1998. For those who like Dio, Rush, Twisted Sister might find this a lavish food to their ears. Overall, I like Red/Fire/Rain but the cd sleeves and artworks were irratating that makes this cd look cheap.
Oliver Kretschmann, Lindenstr.38, 23795 Bad Segeberg, Germany

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