Monday, February 15, 2010

VASTATOR “Guna Para Odiar A Tu Projimo” (American Line Prod) – CHILE

I’m glad to have this one. Anyway I forgot who sent me this? I remember already done a review for this piece 2-3 years back to some local fanzine but it never out. Anyway, this is Vastator antology of their collective works from 1988 to 1998 which features 10 powerful songs. Only one song delievered in English while the rest is done in their native language. But I don’t need to understand what they’re saying, their music is enough to disturb my night. It is love at first sight. I know there’s nothing good in their lyrics, if not they don’t have an inverted cross on their logo.

This is diabolical Thrash/Death metal only SLAYER can produced at that moment. They got those intensity of VULCANO, rocky riffs and screams of PRIEST, D-beat overpowered anger ala S.O.D, it is crispy and crunchy no metal maniacs could resist. I place this in my jewel collections, and spin it with smile everytime. Anytime.

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