Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Now, this cassette EP is something miracle to me. This band thrashed everything on their way! Half of their line-up coming from Black Metal monsters called Demonical Crisis Assembly (DCA) and musically they’re good and produced lotta cathcy riffs to my ears. You may find the traces of DESTRUCTION, OVER KILL, SODOM, even DEATH ANGEL in their music. Maybe their brand of thrash are not original and their war conception being overused by thrashers all around the world. But this is what Thrashers do, right? Good arrangements and the sound by I Sick Music Studio is delicious for this genre. Good jobs guys.

Faiz, their bassist is a very humble and polite guy, I’m surprise he’s good at vocals too! I like their b& w front artwork, very Thrash I must say! Judging this is their first effort, Atomicdeath will go far beyond all Malaysian bands can achieve if they consistant in attitude and music. Come on, grab this piece. Thrash & Roll!

Atomicdeath, P.O Box 7126, 40704 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

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