Wednesday, March 10, 2010


--> This band is fronted by Mike the boss of Paragon Records, and this is for sure extrememost Black Death Metal beyond imaginations. This piece was recorded at Bohiman Catacombs ( their drummer’s studio I guess) in 2005, so they probably even more insane these days. They’re satanic band if you asking me about the lyrics, and their brutal composition were crafted in mystical ways. Almost original to me! I am familiar with their live recording before, but this cd is far too blasphemious and absolute lunacy. If you worship bands like ANGELCORPSE, INCANTATION, BEHEMOTH, you will lick this cd after hearing to their powerful hymns like “ To Be Crowned King and Stabbed to Death”, “ Dawn ov Shadows”, “ Azrael”. Their 23 minutes epic song “ To Return That Which is Above, To That Which is Below” showcasing the band direction into more experimental and freshness in ideas. Get this piece of sick music.
Non Compos Mentis, 23 Wayne Dr, Plainview NY 11803, USA

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