Thursday, March 4, 2010

DEAD LIKE ME “On The Slab” (demo) – UK

The band share alots of ideas like mine, AU REVOIR. As It is given to me by Mike Of Paragon Records after listening to my “Su’ul Khatimah” mcd. I thought this is deathrock band. Damn, I am absolutely wrong this time. It’s Death Grind Metal and it is good. Lots of sampling from horror movies, their music are brutal to the core unlike their funny logo. I guess, this is a very hardworking band, even all their cd sleeves they willingly to write it down the lyrics and all titles just by hand. Best compare to their countryman, Gorerotted! Tigh musicianship and insane ideas on riff on my faves song like “Rest In Pieces”.

DEAD LIKE ME “The War Of Death” (demo) –UK
Now, they have some simple artwork for a cover but the handwritings still there. Nice lyrics by the way. But the sound quality in “On The Slab” is better than this one. But the arrangement are good. I could hear great grind and death metal song like “Dead Angels”, “Deal With The Devil” with some hardcore touches in it. All tracks bulldozerized without any mercy may cause yo a terrible pain in the head if you’re not ready for it.
Nik, Eastend Cottage, Brawnshill, Shroud, Glos, GL6 8AJ, UK

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