Thursday, March 4, 2010

FAUST “ From Glory To Infinity” (Paragon Records) – ITALY

The band was formed by Aleister in 1992 and released a demo in 1993 then mcd in 2001. After that he was engaged by ANCIENT and becomes official live member of the band till he finally established an international all star line up for Faust in 2008. The band consist of Ghiulz –guitar (Profanatum), Luca Princiotta – Guitar ( Doro, Blaze), Steve Digiorgio –Bass ( Sadus, Death, Iced Earth, Testament), Daray – Drums ( Dimmu Borgir, Vesania) completed the recording of this album in 2008. The recording and mastering was engineered by Juan Urteaga from Trident Studio who famous working with Sadus, Vile, Exodus, etc.

This cd is killer, yes it is true they got those Death, Morbid Angel, touches. But the melodies and passages is strange and well crafted to it’s maximum creativity and energy. All songs never fail to represent their origin from traditional Heavy Metal, bring you excitement in every guitar solos that penetrate in utter brutal ryhthm patterns.

Lyricwise, it is religious desecration the Faustian way. Suits the good old-styled artwork on the front cover of the naked nun by Marco Hasmann while their logo by Christophe Szpajdel. I recommend you to get this cd, it won’t bore you like most of death metal cd you bought these days. If you miss Chuck Schuldiner compositions, this might calm you down. But this is not Death, this is FAUST. And they are ready to take over.

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