Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SANGUINEOUS “Extinguish The Dying Light Of Serenity” (demo) – Australia

Fronted by Tony Abou Nader and Chris Newell, this band reminds me alot to GRIND BUTO. Tony Abou played everything in SANGUINEOUS and using drum programming while Chris Newell growl like a Tundra in the deep sea. This is Brutal Death Metal the way it meant to be. Only if the sound production is better, this could be another killer releases by the Aussie comparable to CRUCIFIRE. SANGUINEOUS is good but I just don’t know what to say here. It’s just just another Death Metal cd. This demo 2007 was given by Donald Hasty of Gravesite Productions to me, so thank you pal.

Sanguineous, PO BOX 436, Coburg, Victoria, Australia 3058

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