Monday, March 22, 2010


Their front cover artwork really caught my atention. Fuck, I luv it, remind me old good death metal painting with weird creatures and gloomy colouring. This is another death metal products which featured Mike of Paragon Records as vocalist. Damn, I love everything about this band, mid-tempo death metal ala Morgoth, Obituary, Pestilence, Krabathor, Asphyx, rotten riffs and loud double-bass paddle, evil growls meet satanic screams and nice lyrics ( my kindda lyrics ). The solo are addictive, and the most of the riffs are anthemic. It is less techical than DIMENTIANON but fark I love this band. And I am sure this cd will lasts in my player for many months. This is easy-listening to me, and I bang my head while typing this review. Hey Mike, I could play bass for you. Hahaha! For your info, Sectioned is looking for permanent bass player. If I am living in New York right now, I will be running to be with this kindda band! Sectioned. They might be orthodox but they crush!!!!!
Sectioned, 31 Cedar Ridge Drive, Ridge NY 11961, USA

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