Monday, April 12, 2010

AHAMOTH AETERNUS “Great Darkness Ahamoth” (The Kether Crown Prod) – RUSSIA

This cd is limited to 200 pieces only, and mine was hand-numbered 57 with red ink. So, am I lucky? For the cover artwork you may judge this as pure Black Metal. Also a duo band, fronted by Lihojar and Yaromila. Well, I don’t know what they are preching about since the lyrics was written in their mother tongue languange. But I believe it is Satanism. From my ears, their is plenty of good riffs in it, but this is below average Black Metal symphonies to me. There are more than a thousand bands from hundred of countries played this kindda evil music. And it bored me to death. There is a tunes like it was taken from ‘scooby doo’ soundtrack too. Hehe! I'm just kidding.

For those who trapped in the era when BEHERIT, COUNTESS, EVOL release their demo tapes. This is for you. Absolutely. But me, I will just keep this in my treasure chest and be proud of the hand-numbered writing on the cover sleeves in the future.


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