Monday, April 12, 2010

EMORTUALIS “ Re-writted By Death: After 16 years of tomb” ( self-released) –ITALY

This cd is produced as a remembrance of the band that ceased to exist in 1993. Here you will find a collection of what they have been doing since their birth. Emortualis started in 1989 under the name of HELLRAISER played Satanic Death Thrash Metal in vein of POSSESSED, SEPULTURA, DECIEDE, CANCER. They have played many gigs in their hometown and among the releases are “Written By Death” demo in 1992, “Live Carnage” in 1992, “Post Mortem” EP in 1993 and “Live Novara” in 1993 (which is taken from their last gig). For what is stated in the cover, the band stopped due to personal problems, and all Emortualis members started over with a new life. I enjoy listen to this cd, especially their live tracks which far too brutal from their studio demo. This cd got value of its own, this is their story. The real dedication to Underground Death Metal movement. And gone for good, without crappy releases to regret. But watch out for their Ritchie Valens cover! Lunatic guys! Au revoir Emortualis.

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