Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BELMEZ “Berseker” ( Napalm Records) – GERMANY

This cd was given by my good friend Jan Hubert of DEVASTE from Annaberg-Buchholz, just to prove me that there are not only death metal bands populate his entire hometown. Belmez is obscure death metal band and it was and always be an one man show by the former Eminenz guitarist. This cd contains with 9 unholy tracks, all sang in German. The songs are haunting, doomy and lunatic. The only down point was the drum programming which turned it to merchanical music. Belmez should invite the real drummer to preserve its organic feels.

Anyway, this was their first recording way back in 1994 and from what I’m being told by Jan, Belmez has released three records till now. The second and the third album are really hard to find since it was sold out everywhere. I guess, the newer products from Belmez must be fucking outstanding!!

For your info, Belmez was referred to the face of Belmez de la Moraleda, Jaen, Spain. In 1971 a face was seen in the concrete of a kitchen floor of an old woman house. It was decided to break up the concrete but afterwards more faces appeared. Under the concrete were found bones but no skulls. The bones dated from 180 years and mainly adolescents. Ever since the faces continue to appear, their expressions change and the phenomenon remains unexplained to this day despite scientific research. Whispering and crying were heard at night and voices saying 'hell begins here!'

It has been thought that the faces are forgeries with soot and dirt but no evidence is conclusive with this. A German scientist said it was the most unexplained paranormal event of our time.

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