Monday, May 10, 2010

VEER “The Measure Of Waste” (Caverna Abismal Recs/Neverheard Distro) – HUNGARY

This is the results of good co-operation between both UG labels. I got my copy from trade with Nuno of Caverna Abismal Records and this is Veer product which they recorded at Klaan Studio, Budapest in 2007. Veer is demonic, psychotic and delusional. From what I heard they're coming from the ashes of the Ravenshades. The music are the clashes between the old and the new Norwegian Black Metal. Their vocalist, Jim Jones throw his voices so wicked ala Attilia in Mayhem’s glorious era, while their skullfucked riffs is forge in style of new Satyricon with good touches of Avant Garde Metal.

This is a very good cd which I’m glad to have it in my collections. I just hope Veer is a serious band. Don’t die with just 1 material. Stay alive and give us your dark music.
Caverna Abismal Rec. c/o N.B. Avenida Dom Sebastio N76 3C, 2825-405 Costa de Caparica, Portugal

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