Saturday, May 1, 2010

HEREAFTER “Government Conspiracy” Mcd (self-released) – MALAYSIA

This cd supposed to be released on January 2010, due to ‘lengai’ they had it out on sale today. Well, it’s also supposed to be entitled as “Government Secrecy” but mistakenly being produced as “Conspiracy” ( consipracy here... conspiracy there, hell it’s overused words).

When I put this on play, I smile widely, I know this is Redza. Yes, he still in control and done a hell of good job here, which I means, they progressed. Still it is typical Thrash Metal assault, I praise his arrangements and determination to stand with the real style. I respect that. But I miss those territory he explored in his debut demo. It is beyond tomorrow-sci-fi view with no ordinary political lyrics we heard from thousand new and old bands. Just look the unique approaches in “Lost In The Galaxy” ( for those who didn’t know it was first appeared in “After Tomorrow” demo) compare to the new “This War Is Our War” or “Orang Jahat”. But that is just my opinion, to those whom believe this is the only way Thrash Metal should be spawned. Now, you will buy 5 copies of this cds and spread it in your village.

I am glad Redza finally choose I-Seek Studio, which known for their remarkable works for Osmantikos, Atomic Death and D.C.A. But hell, Redza still stubborn bastard who like to mix the shits all by himself. The first time, I heard in my hi-fi, it sounded like something wrong. The paddles seem too loud and the rhythm and the vocals was left behind. Now, I noticed the long delay FX on vocals reminds me the old Thrash Metal records. But please raise it on higher level, no need to be so fucking shy anymore. You have improved and done a good vocals since the last recording. I’m glad, he found a better sound for guitars and bass. No more reckless mistakes in here. My advise for next release, please let someone do the mixing. If you gonna do it yourself, please do some experiments and researches.

This cd were pressed professionally and it is cheap like your pack of cigarettes. So, grab it. And yes, it also contained with multimedia track of “Orang Jahat”. You can check it out on youtube if you steal their property by download this mcd somewhere. But you will not. Will you?

Redza, 6-4-20 Elaeis 1, Jalan U8/1, 40150 Bkt Jelutong, Selangor, Malaysia

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