Wednesday, July 7, 2010

SHADOWTHRONE / FUNEBRE “Forever On The Dark Side” (Neverheard Distro) –HUNGARY

I got this piece, hand numbered 143/200 from Aleksandr Maksymov of Dead Center Prod. First of all let me tell you that both bands, Shadowthrone and Funebre was formed by Khrul. For those whom did not know, Khrul contributed his service in many Hungarian wicked bands like Assur, Bardo, Avar, Csejtey, Ater Tenebrae, Hell (Hun), Disztraktor, Koprofaagia, Marblebog, Ravenshades, Siculicidium, Vorkuta, Zetörhead, Ulcisia Castra, Vérzivatar, and the list still goes on!! Since both are Khrul’s bands, musically, I couldn’t trace the differences between Shadowthrone and Funebre. Both share the same atmospheric black and doom metal harmony. Maybe in Shadowthrone, Khrul into occult and anti-Christian subjects while in Funebre, he focussed it more into his personal emotions ( see the titles; My Hell ( the best song in here!, and My Passion). If you miss how the 90’s black metal bands write their opus. This is how they did in the early days. It rocks!

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