Thursday, July 1, 2010

PICTURE ANN “Blaspheme 2009”(9th Meridian Records) – DENMARK

My friend gave me a dvd entitled “Morke” last month, a Danish film about how this fat sicko murdered all the disabled women ( most of them with suicide attempt history) by lured them into mirage. He knew all the victims from the internet and trapped them with his charming personality. The mistakes is, he was using the same modes operand i again and again.

I remember my old friend Svest, while watching this film, the next days we were discussing about this freakish movie and the Volvo car in it. Hahaha! It’s great to hear from you again pal.

And the next week, I got this mini cd from Svest. His new band, PICTURE ANN which highly influenced by BURZUM as stated in his biography. Svest, the master of Ambient music did it again in Picture Ann. He never fail to create such haunting, eerie and ghastly tunes only this time it is far to mysterious. I noticed, this time the compositions and the recording is very good. I’m really having a good time laid my back on my favorite chair while listening to such song like “Closed Off Entirely” , “Blaspheme 2009” and “No One X Nothing”. The addition of heavy distorted guitars is vital in Picture Ann, while it never was in Svest previous bands. I like to say, this is Svest at his best in the present days.

If the producer of “Morke” hear to this cd, I think he will use Picture Ann as the soundtrack for his upcoming sick movies. Haha! But this music will never turn commercial. They stay true in their form and remains dedicated to the underground forever!

CONTACT: J. Neeper, Herlev Hovedgade 140 C, St, 2730 Herlev, Danmark

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