Saturday, September 18, 2010


Evil Dead Productions has been very busy producing all the blasphemous bands throughout Land Below The Winds (Sabah). This is another quality product from them. If you’re into 90’s black metal like Marduk or old Satyricon. This piece of plastic will last long in your player! All songs are composed with utter hate and hyper aggression. I never heard a recording from Maximum Melodic Studio or Helvete Studio ( where they recorded all guitars, vocals, mixed and mastered the songs) before but it was total carnage. It is no average crap sounding demo from trendy kids, and glad Evil Dead Prod willing to press it professionally. However I am just too familiar with ‘tigerous’ scream-vocals (distorted too!) and Christ-raping titles like “Born With Satan”, “Legion Of Blood”, “Mayhem Terror” or “Hate, Torment and Kill”. And latest news I got, Unlight Dawn suffered line up conflicts which only Andy 666 (screams) and Impure Ak (bass) left to continue the battle. So, they will use sessionist for any live shows ahead. Get this underground germs for RM15 or USD8 from; M. Firdaus, P.O BOX 706, 89808 Beaufort, Sabah, Malaysia.

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