Tuesday, October 12, 2010

HELLBOUND “The Great Trip” (Cimitero Records) –ITALY

Read it right, Hellbound not Hellborn which formed by Baal from the ex-founder member of BEHEMOTH. Hellbound originating from Italy and played Death/Thrash with pop style female vocals ( hey! I don’t know why I think of Gwen Stefani now). I'm sorry, but that what I heard, but this band done lots of experimental stuffs too. But I’m glad it sounded heavy and so crispy.

At first, I feel like to vormit hearing to this cd. But after a while, I learned to appreciate it more and more. Maybe LACUNA COIL is too big to be compare to Hellbound, but musically they’re just as qualified as the Coil. I like those Ska and Rock touches in this cd, it keep you awake and the technical parts cause you headache. I like the bass lines and the vocals and the arrangements. This cd contained with 13 tracks of solid and unique brand of metal. And this cd simply cheered up my night.


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