Tuesday, October 12, 2010

DEAD CHRIST CULT “Stigma” (The Kether Crown Prod) – RUSSIA

Another The Kether Crown limited products. Oh, this way better than Ahamoth in term of songwrittings, aggression and productions. Not much info in the cover sleeves, 10 tracks of Black Metal onslaught sang in Russian. All of the tracks were impaled in primitive and blasphemous way. Nothing original here, but I amazed with their brutality and lunacy. I don’t know if they’re using drum programming, but the compositions are blasted in deadly speed and relentless.

I think they should think of improvement for the next recording, cause sometime ( forgive me!) I do laugh when I heard the guitar sounds. It’s like the were recorded in small room with 15 watt amps. And the FX make me think of Charlie Chaplin especially in the track no.4. Don’t get me wrong, Dead Christ Cult is a great band, the just need some time to develop. Give them a chance.

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