Monday, January 10, 2011

BLOOD POLLUTION “Metal Zombies” (Atomic Carnage Records) –RUSSIA

I smile when I look at the cover artworks. A very very old school design, while they’re grabbing their cocks in the photos is clearly shown that Blood Pollution is none other than a stubborn heavy metal bastard! I laughed when I put this in my player, I never expect to get this fucking germs from Russia. This is wild Rock & Roll at its best. I was like banging my head all day long listening to this cd! Metal Zombies was recorded at Brateevo Studio, Moscow in late of 2009 and the engineering works done by Mr. Aleksandr Polezhaez. To me, Blood Pollution is one of the best products out of Russia. You better, check this band! And to say it in words, Blood Pollution is simple, catchy, hard and ugly. All they did in this recording seem so fitted and sounded marvelous. Just read these songs titles “ Some fun”, “Mayhem Bay”, “Fat Ugly Woman”, “Supercharged Train”, “Perverts From Hell”… You know what I am saying? I mean, If Motorhead are going to leave on pension today, they can go happily because Alex Krunch, Joseph Kranstain and Nick Thrash will lift their instruments to glorify Rock & Roll and fucks all those loose woman once again!!!

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