Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ENEMY OF GOD “ Masacre y Barbarie” – (GOH Productions & ASF Records) –PERU

I got this piece from Mike of Paragon Records, and I don’t know to label it either a demo cd or an album? To say it is a demo, but this cd was released by collaborations of two labels – Gate Of Horror Productions and Asangrefria Records. To say this is an album, this can’t be real? 

From what I read, Enemy Of God was born in 2004 in Lima, Peru. But they have split-up for unknown reason. This cd was recorded in 2005 by Guillotine as drummer and vocalist while Lord Beelzebu as lead guitarist and bassist. Contained with 7 of their originals and a covers of SEPULTURA’s “Troop Of Doom”. The fact is, Guillotine is a talented drummer but his ‘shouting’ whisper or should I say shy vocals is annoying me. Better if he sticks with the screams. I guess, Lord Beelzebu shreds with just a single layered guitar track in all of the songs. Sometimes, the aura is felt like this was a recording from late 80’s of Black/Thrash metal explosion. You know, like angry bees attack from their broken nest! I can’t hardly hear the riffs but the tracks “Una Sombre en Mi” and “Velada Perversa” is okay. Reminds me of the early works of Darkthrone and Burzum. Some of you might disagree with me. So, why don’t you check out this guys and the other Peruvian metal bands. There is hundred of them. All evil and corpse painted!

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