Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ATOMICDEATH / BLOOD STONE “Hellish Nuclear Destruction” (Blood Of War Records) –MALAYSIA

I am lucky to received this split cd just few days after it was released by B.O.W Records during a visit from Atomicdeath drummer, Remydeen to Faithcraft Studio. Without compromise, this is the best works of Atomicdeath up-to-date, but I haven’t heard anything from Blood Stone before. Let me say that Atomicdeath has gone wicker and wilder with this new recordings. Mr. Mokhtar of I Shit Music Studio really did a magnificent jobs with these ones. Heavy tunes, massive bass, and cataclysmic drums attacks. Faiz did a very great works with his throat again, but some failure in drum double bass paddles constancy can be heard here and there. It may disturb a little bit of your listening pleasure. But no worry, you won’t realize anything if you don’t know how to play the drums. Hehe.! A very strong old Slayer (US) and Destruction (Ger) influences flow in their vein. All of the songs are good especially ‘Wardrunk’ and ‘Kombat Six Six Six’.

Blood Stone, Singaporean thrashers are killer band indeed. They played faster and darker version of Thrash Metal. But the mixing jobs was thinner than what Atomicdeath has accomplished. Anyhow the sound suit Blood Stone very well. It is sharp and dirty and the vocals use a very long delay FX sounded like it from the brutal demo era of Sarcofago (Bra), Bulldozer (Ita) and Destruction (Ger). This is the Thrash Metal soooo evil that the kids never had the chance to hear it these days. My faves tracks should be ‘Based On True Story’ and ‘Dezire To Fire’. I highly recommend this cd to all souls who still glorify Thrash Metal.

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