Tuesday, January 24, 2012

MARIAH CAREY “Memoirs Of Imperfect Angel” – (THE ISLAND DEF JAM) -USA

As far as I remember this is the first time I bought R&B cd. To be honest, I didn’t know what to write? Yes, I know Mariah Carey from MTV, I love some of her songs from MTV or commercial radios. From her songs I knew what is R&B music is all about and I knew she is voluptuous lady, and that’s all. 

By the way this is my another best buy from Speedy Video store, RM9.90 for this beautiful digipak, attached with ELLE mini magazine as booklet which is so original to me. This cd also unlock bonus “Obsessed” video when you place this cd in your computer. The Eminem-baiting “Obsessed”, was the singer’s fortieth hit on the Billboard Hot 100. 

Most of the songs are okay to my ears, but I can’t bear hear to this kind of music every day. To spin this cd to the end when I’m not in the mood can cause tumor to my brain. I’m impressed with the recording quality, and her good vocals. Yet, I personally think the cover is the best part in this cd which I got erection anytime lookin’ to it. Parents should take note of this, yo’ young boys might jerk off their juice because of this cover.

This is Mariah Carey twelfth studio album and it is dedicated to Allahyarham Michael Jackson. 21 songs of R&B bombardment!

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