Tuesday, January 24, 2012

MEAT LOAF “Bat Out Of Hell II: The Monster Is Loose” (MERCURY RECORDS) – NEW YORK

Meat Loaf, a singer and an actor did it again. For those who thought there will be only two –Bat Out Of Hell. You’re wrong. Now, Meat completed his Bat series with this eight studio albums.  Meat Loaf in the past was a mellow version of Eric Adams or rugged version of Roy (Malaysian patriotic singer! According to my opinion..Hehe). We all remember some of his solid and vintage rock tunes back in the old days. But everything out of Bat shadow seems didn’t work out very well.

Meat Loaf, if I am not mistake is 64 this year. He was 58 when doing vocals for this recording and it is the first album which his main songwriter/producer Jim Steinman has played no active part (he has, however, contributed seven songs, including “It's All Coming Back to Me Now”, a 1996 hit for Celine Dion). This time Loaf invite Norwegian singer Marion Raven to pair with him for this song.

To ensure this album become something worth to listen, Loaf recruited the most powerful musicians available, Brain May – former MARILYN MANSON guitarist, John 5, and Steve Vai, he also get helps from a vocal coach – Eric Vetro to produce even more magical vocal chords. It could be massive and operatic to Loaf, but I think QUEEN did it better 40 years ago without any coach. And if compare to more under rated- band like German BLIND GUARDIAN is more bombastic in vocal productions.

Album cover artwork by Julie Bell is epic and in tradition of Bat trilogy.

I wouldn’t buy this cd if it is not RM9.90. Go to your nearby Speedy Video Store to get this cd for unbelievable price.

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