Thursday, March 29, 2012

BELLIGERENT INTENT “Seven Are They” (self-produced) - AUSTRALIA

Before I start with my review, let me tell you a story of a band from a very small country with a very small metal community and their perseverance paid off as now they have become Asian most brutal band ever. The band is called IMPIETY. I can tell you most of their early story and on how this band finally stands as gods above their friends and enemies. You can’t denies these facts, Impiety is a religion in Sabah for instead, I bet everybody have Ariffeen’s photo in their wallets.

When seeing Belligerent Intent perform right in front of my eyes, I couldn’t stop to think is that Ariffeen twin playing bass and screaming on the stage? Belligerent Intent was so powerful and barbaric with their set in that show. Reminds me of Impiety when they begin to re-invent their music into Black and Death metal at the right time. When I look at the thanks list in this cd, Impiety is the first one to be thanked to. If they follow this band path, I guess, they in the right (left hand) path!

Belligerent Intent with Nunslaughter photo's session
When I’m talking to Mike and Luke about the metal scene in Melbourne, I knew this band going to be big as Impiety if they really put their hearts and souls in what they’re doing. The first thing, when you are in a country where only few people support your music. Don’t ever let them down. People knew, you’re the only extremist over there. The main point is, you stands above them and be proud of it. Keep that hardworking, diabolical works and be professional in every way you could do things. Find you fan base, now you knew people in Borneo appreciate you, people in Thailand appreciate you, people in USA will adore you. You need to get up here, bring your gears and terrorize ‘em all. Nah! You already conquered Sabah even most of them haven’t heard of Belligerent Intent before. The next big step before B.I crushes the rest of the world with their music. They need to work with a serious label or agency to spread their hellish doctrine. As far as I seen Belligerent Intent is damn serious musicians and they deserve the best.

When I put this cd on my player, I guess my fucking ears bleed. It is supersonic blastbeats, grinding riffs guitars, diabolical screams and growls from the beginning to the end. The assaults are relentless. The lyrics are satanic 666% and the imagery is total blasphemy. All songs written in apocalyptical speed with some good and memorable melodies in it like the riffs of “Fucking Burn in the name of Satan” (strong Marduk’s essence in it, a catchy one too), “Path of Serpent” and “Armies of the Maskim Hex”. While some pulverize with chaotic and unholy tunes like “Seven are They” and “Left hand of Sacrifice”. Matt drumming is so damn fast, but he needs to construct more patterns for the next releases which I’m pretty sure he already had in minds. For those who are into HATE ETERNAL, MORBID ANGEL, BLASPHEMY, ANGELCORPSE, IMMOLATION, this is a mandatory release for your collections.

The recording works by Ren Reich at Melbourne Records is top notch. To me, this is the greatest death metal recording I ever heard from Australia so far. For you info, Belligerent Intent are endorsed by B.C Rich guitars. And for the record, the members of Belligerent Intent also played in Flesh Embraced and Urgrund.

Thanks Matt Crossingham for this cd. And hails to Craig, Mike and Luke for a great time in Kota Kinabalu. You, fucking organizers out there. Bring Belligerent Intent to Kuala Lumpur!!!


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