Tuesday, April 10, 2012


This 3 tracks demo cd was pressed by Malaysian label for 66 copies and mine is 57. Thanks for giving me the chance to listen for the first time, a band, a Black Metal band from Bangladesh. Never mind the typical band’s name but this is the promising band from Bengal shore.

Eternal Armageddon was formed in 2009 and they play something between the fast and freezing IMMORTAL to the unholy symphonic of SETHERIAL. And yes, some part closely reminds me the majestic ALDAARON. In short, they inspired by dark nature, mythology, Satanism and depression just like the bands I mentioned before. A very good screams by Asif Abrar, well-delivered guitar solos and cataklysmic drums bombardment, but there is only few rolls heard here and there. Plus the cymbals sound so synthetic which I guess, they programmed the drum lines. It’s okay anyway. The sound is blasting and gave dynamic affect to their music. Congratulations to Baezid Farabi Khan for his great job at Studio Nifelheim and making these Bangladeshi worth to be check out.

It’s not funny, but I bang my head to this cd. Enough said. This is good.

Asif Abrar, 144/2/A, 1st Floor, Tejkuni Para, Tejgaon, 1215 Dhaka, Bangladesh

Email: asifabrar1349@gmail.com 

MTD PROD on facebook

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