Friday, August 3, 2012

EMPHERIS / BEAST PETRIFY “Petrified Through Aeons in the Light of Providence” – (Psycho Recs/Media Park) – POLAND / SINGAPORE

Empheris is a relentless demon from the depth of Poland earth’s core while Beast Petrify is a misanthropic spirit of death from the shores of Temasik (Singapore’s original name). When both meet up, they conjure great tsunami and terror all over the planet. If you’re looking for underground most hard working and brutal bands in Poland and Singapore. You should have this piece. Furthermore this professional cd is sold in crazy low price (approx of 3 dollars!).

Well you should know that Empheris members are associate with UG publications like R’lyeh zine and Withcult tabloid, and black metal band called HELLISH. As for Beast Petrify leader, Mr. al Fahmi was known for this editorial works in Abysmal Scriptures zine and has been battling in Singaporean metal since with his band since 1993 with 3 full length albums on their belt. Al Fahmi is underated guitar shredder and wizard, insane vocalist and great illustrator too. In short, this guy is a hero.

Empheris recorded everything in ABH Studio by using the handy work from their guitarist, Andy Blakk. The sound is good and fit their style of necro-blasphemic Black/Thrash metal. Empheris progressed with their own way; good arrangement, killer vocals, thrashy riffs yet wicked in melody is the brand of their music. The song “Blood Stains Thy Flesh” is the best recorded here. Empheris end up their side with a of Bathory’s “Home of Once Brave” with their majestic and epical style.

Beast Petrify storms their side with neo-thrash/death metal without mercy. A very good recording by Muzikzone Studio, I must say. Their music is compact and sonic aggression in the vein of new KREATOR but with so much additional ‘curry and spice’ from SLAYER, KING DIAMOND, DEATH and some Grindcore attitude. Al Fahmi rapping vocals is insane! Nobody could take those lines in Bahasa Melayu in song “Pembalasan Penanggal Puaka” like he did. They just did an amazing job here. But the last two tracks taken from their rehearsal sessions was nothing but tormenting noises.

Please support Beast Petrify because they deserve it. Malaysian promoters and organizers, bring them here. Don’t kill great band like this.

Empheris and Beast Petrify. These two bands stand up for what they're really believe in.

Wydawnictwo Muzyczne Psycho 2012, P.O Box 61, 09-400 Plock 1, POLAND

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