Sunday, July 29, 2012

EMPHERIS/WISHMASTER “Heavy Metal Inquisition” (Necropulsar Prod/Hellgate Prod) –POLAND

My good ol’ friend Adrian gave me this split cd. Thanks man! I am very happy because I never had the chance to listen to Wishmaster even though I knew they have been around for years. This split cd from two underground most respected bands in Poland is more than welcome in my compact hi-fi system.

Both bands are black metal in nature, but both bands come with their Heavy Metal origin in this release. How is that? And this cd is an evidence of the brotherhood between these two emperors.

Empheris comes with 5 tracks included covers of VENOM “Countess Bathory” and HELLHAMMER “Maniac”. They played the tunes close to original, at the same speed, with Adrian twisted vocals. Their very own tracks “Goatserpent” and “Angel without Wings” crushed with power and wrathful riffing and drumming. All Empheris tracks were recorded in KPD Studio between 2008 to 2010.

Wishmaster is impressive and diabolical speed metal band. They had better sound quality here, organic, necrotic and lunatic! Blast with 3 tracks “Witchcult”, “Hellish Raw Metal” and a cover of BEWICTHED “Night of the Sinner”, Wishmaster is full of attitude, rugged and one of the bands worth to be checked out from the bowel of Poland’s hell!. Wishmaster recorded their tracks in Metal Sound Studio between 2009 to 2009.
Get this cd you idiot!:

Empheris; Adrian, P.O BOX 20, 02-919 Warszawa 76, Poland.

Wishmaster; Wishmaster, P.O BOX 16, 70-779 Szczecin 39, Poland.

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