Friday, October 26, 2012


I’m a bit wordless on how to review this? This cd come with reasonable good price at any Speedy record store, wonderful 14 tracks of good music from The King ranged from year 1955 to 1970. I love all the tracks and singalong with so much love in the air.

Taken from the cover, Almost three decades after his ultimately death in August 1977, it is hard not to think of Elvis Presley as the greatest vocalist of our time and the biggest selling artist in the history of popular music. It is also amazing to think that, by walking into a recording studio when he was just eighteen years old to make a personal recording for his mother, he would single-handedly change the sound of popular music forever.

Today he is not only regarded as the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll icon, but also the embodiment of American popular music in the latter half of the twentieth century. Perhaps, looking back on his career, it is not that surprising. He was, after all, only twenty years old when RCA Records signed him to a recording contract for a then unheard of $35,000. He would go on to sell over 500,000,000 records during his lifetime, would star in his first Hollywood movie before his 21st birthday, make another thirty-two films over the next fifteen years, and end up as one of the World’s biggest box-office draws.

From shocking a nation so much TV censors insisted he be filmed from the waist up to patriotically serving his country during his time in the army, Elvis was a man of many sides.

His post army career built on his previous successes with him using film, TV (most notably the legendary ’68 Comeback Special) and pioneering live satellite broadcasts to reach his billions of fans around the globe.

On August 16th 1977 the world lost the most important artist in the history of popular music. There have, and will be, many contenders but only one true ‘KING’.

This cd to me is a good education pack for beginners in rock ‘n’ roll and a perfect introduction to Elvis Presley musical extraordinary.

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