Monday, November 5, 2012


I got this 4 ways split cd between COLICO, THE PEOPLE’S NOISE PROJECT, PSYCHOTIC SUFFERANCE and TO DIE from cd trade. Front man of PSYCHOTIC SUFFERANCE showed interests in WRECKÄR after we had performed together in Larkin Terror Fest at The Wall, Batu Pahat last month. P.S blown us away with their heavy and grinding tunes to the maximum.

This cdr without label sticker, xerox cover was pressed in 100 pieces, and mine was hand numbered 60. To be honest, I hardly hear what Colico and The People’s Noise Project are doing or playing? But it is what they stated here. NOISE IS PROTEST, NOT MUSIC! I guess, their message is clear. The same goes to, To Die, they contributed 11 live songs taken from their gigs. You only enjoy some of the tracks taken from live 2009 the rest is just noisy attack.

At least, Psychotic Sufferance comes with the best sound from the rest. They played noisecore with some ‘mercy’ in grinding parts and energetic running chords. They come with 13 tracks with lyrics (if there is/was any?) in Malay according to the titles. If you into noise products. You should get this.

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