Sunday, October 21, 2012

JORDIN SPARKS “Battlefield” (19 Recording Limited/Sony Music) – USA

You don’t buy this kind of recording often unless some the record stores are giving away huge discount for it. One more case, you bought it by incident. And the same case with me, I just heard her beautiful song called “Tattoo” somewhere few months ago, luck me Speedy record store sold this cd for RM9.90. So I just bought it without knowing that Jordin Sparks was the youngest American Idol winner and platinum selling artist! I just googled it yesterday!

I’m been listening to this cd for 2 days now without getting bored. I guess, this is a fine cd to chillax! Sparks is a very talented vocalist, her style is a unique mixture of Hillary Duff, Hannah Montana, Kelly Clarkson, with a cross between pop, rock, R&B and dance. Jordin also co-wrote some of the songs here, and I enjoyed “Emergency (911)”, “The Cure” and “Battlefield” so much. It’s extremely poppy with a slight rock edge. Believe me, I didn’t skip any tracks.

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