Wednesday, November 21, 2012

HAILGUN “Accident” (self-produced)- AUSTRALIA

This EP was given free by the band themselves. So forgive me if I reviewed these mp3 tracks but it if officially given free for you to be downloaded. I don’t give a fuck here, it is a damn good shit they got here. This is their second material, where a 5-tracks-demo has been recorded before it. The demo was not available anymore. Hailgun is a hardcore punk from Melbourne consists of Pat Simkin as bassist and vocalist, Smally as guitarist and Tim. D as drummer.  This 10 tracks EP was recorded at Pat’s bedroom with amazing sound and killer mastering works. I love all of the tracks, sonic punk aggression with precise drumming assaults, metallic and crunchy riffs, angry shout with street lyrics. The arrangements are pretty neat and technical. If you like DIRECT CONTROL, GOVERNMENT WARNING, CITIZEN PATROL, GANG GREEN, DISCHARGE, JERRY’S KIDS, you going to appreciate this EP just like I do.

Hailgun are heading this way for Youth in Asia Tour. And Malaysia has been on their map, so I will definitely going to see them. Support this band and download their songs. Hahaha!

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