Sunday, January 6, 2013

VENOM “Fallen Angels” (Spinefarm Records) - ENGLAND

Back in the old days, the bands got some advantage to keep on selling their products because it is hard for to get pre listening like today on and in some file sharing webs. So, we buy every album being put out by the bands we loved without knowing what we could get for our money. 

The same case here, believe or not. I checked out VENOM’s new tracks in Youtube and loved it so much which I bought their album just few hours after that! The truth is, I not so happy with their previous release “Metal Black” and “Hell”, although I love some of the tracks. But I personally thoughts, VENOM is over. They can’t do it anymore. Futhermore, deep in our hearts we knew, Cronos, Abaddon and Mantas was the ultimate VENOM line up.

Hell! I don’t believe “Fallen Angels” turned out to be a very strong, back to the true roots album!! Rage, the new guitarist, Dante, the newfound drummer fit very well under the command of the brutal Cronos Lant.

 The sound of VENOM still remains strong. They kept that raw sound but the recording quality is top notch. The strength in this one is indeed the writing and the recording quality. Your soul will be destroyed when listening to heavy tracks like “Hammerhead”, “Pedals To The Metal”, “Hail Satanas” or demonic napalm like “Punk’s Not Dead”, “Fallen Angels” or “Sin”. Somewhat reminds us the power of JUDAS PRIEST, WARHEAD, even the destructive side of BLACK SABBATH.

This is the best album from the veteran Satanist rockers I ever wish or dream to listen to. Hail Cronos! Hail Venom Legions!

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