Wednesday, June 26, 2013

REPUGNANT “Epitome of Darkness” LP (SOULSELLER)

Let’s make this short. If you worship Dark Swedish Death and American Death Metal. This is the records you must have in your collections since Repugnant are now dead and defunct, but their vision is still alive together with the memories of Swedish dinos like MORBID, MERCILESS and TREBLINKA. This LP will make you screams for murder, pounding rhythms on your ass, horns thrown in the air as well as air guitaring and kicking, the best way to enjoy death metal made in the 80’s.

It was engineered by Micheal Rip. Mixed and mastered by the infamous Tore Stjerna (aka. Necromorbus). Some says it is the greatest mix he has ever done. This is the new LP version by Soulseller records and I got it from our local distro Hammercharge. Get it!

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